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Hi guys...

I'm completely blank here. I don't know what to do. I've been sitting around. Trying to figure out what tutorial to make. I can't decide. You guys looking to get into anything specific?? I'm drawing a blank...

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How to build a botnet. I am joking.

I am always curious about what commands others find effective for specific tasks in the field, mainly to broaden my own knowledge. As in; Im reasonably comfortable with most of the 'expected' commands (sed, grep, wget etc), and i'm find myself appreciating things like awk a lot more. However, I have not once found a need to use cut, or have any idea how or when it is implemented. (inb4 Pheonix; Let me google that for you)

I believe most new comers are so eager to 'hack' that they miss out a lot of the vital operands available to us. Which is sort of why I made a tutorial on Systemd a while back, we had nothing on it on NB, and it can prove incredibly useful if you know what you are doing with it. Don't get me wrong, certain posts from certain people in this community are like pieces of artwork and without them I personally would be lost, but it seems to me we are missing tutorials on some vital aspects of truly understanding the operating system of choice.

For instance, playing around with bash recently and came across
for i in {1..255} ;do (ping 192.168.0.$i -c 1 -w 5 > /dev/null && echo "192.168.0.$i" &) ;done

Which I thought was incredible, no tools required, it is fairly easy to remember and I could have that started/finished before you could even open up your favourite network scanner.

I would love compilations of helpful, everyday commands we can use to branch out from and promote efficiency if I am honest. Also, its a little late but welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy it here.

Just mess around with your own work and your figure it out. I have been in this community for months and only contributed recently. Take something you think you're very experienced at, and then share that to everybody! There are already tonnes of good tutorials here.

There's no rush. Whenever you feel like you really know about a topic enough to teach it to someone else, check if there isn't an article on that, and if there isn't, write it down.

I haven't wrote many articles, and lately I've only been posting some questions in the Forum and sharing stuff on Inspiration, but just by answering questions on posts asking for help, you're helping the community :)

  1. Anonymity with metasploit
  2. Botnets
  3. Exploit building..

Haha thanks ;);)

Thanks for the heads up, guys. And, SE7ENPEACE I am new, so I don't know, but is a tutorial on botnets against the rules?


I don't think it would be against the rules, but I wouldn't recommend it. With as many legit people that want to learn how to do it, you will also have a bunch of skidds that don't know how to stay anonymous getting their hands on it and using it for god knows what!


Yeah. I thought about that. I was creating a tutorial on how-to setup an IRC Botnet, but I remembered a lot of kids that don't know about anonymity, much less on how to get there hands on a VPS. I thought it wouldn't be worth it.

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