Forum Thread: Tutorials on Wordpress Hacking?

I got interested in the various old wordpress vulnerabilities, so I got my own wordpress site running to test them, but does anyone know of a good website or book or whatever that teaches how to exploit them, get php access, sql injection, etc..? Like for example tutorials on XSS, etc.. Thanks!

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Searching the community for tutorials before posting would be a good idea
multiple tutorials about wordpress have been made
here are some of them to get you started:
this is a greate tutorial by OTW:

finding vulnerable wordpress websites

this one explains how to gain control to wordpress by using one of it's popular exploits.

now here are some SQLinjection and XSS tutorials:
SQLI introduction

hacking with SQLI

once you're done with that, you can start using tools like sqlmap
now for XSS
XSS basics

Hope this helps

Thanks. I searched up on here, read OTW's and EvilToddler's tutorials, although I needed something more than just that, I'll read the tutorials you posted regarding SQLi, thanks!

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