Forum Thread: Ubuntu Metasploit Can't Interact with Session

Hey guys I am also quite new to meterpreter and am running into an issue when trying to interact with a session.

I am running Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and, as you can see, getting feedback when I open the payload on the target device. When this happens, however, it does not allow me to work with the session(see pictures) and so I try ctrl+c but that just kills the session. Can anyone help? If you need more info about anything just let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm new too, but are your settings ok?
I don't think so, because your attack-pc is the same as your victim-pc?!

Every exit you do will cancel the connection!

Any firewall(s) on?

If the session is really open then you will get a meterpreter-console.

You want help, you get help, but a feedback from you would be nice!
On the other hand, I will not help you with further questions.

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