Forum Thread: Unable to Run MS Word Exploit on Victim Due to Windows-Defender

Hey guys, I wanted to know how to evade the windows-defender antivirus so I can run the MS Word exploit exploit/windows/fileformat/ms10087rtfpfragmentsbof. As soon as I try to run it on any victim system , the antivirus deletes the file and I am unable to successfully exploit the system.

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Is this Windows Defender on Windows 10? That one is much more harder to evade.

Yeah its the Windows-Defender on Windows 10. I manually disabled the Anti-Virus and opened the Meterpreter integrated .rtf file , But it opens up in read-only compatability mode. Anyways I am unable to get a meterpreter session on my computer. Do you think I have to disable the firewall as well? It might be cutting off all outbound connections.....

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