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hi all hackers

my windows pc has been hacked with files and programs being added and removed and some skype conversations with friends i didn't have

but Ive paid a couple of experts to examine them, but neither have found how they have been hacked
any advise on how this is possible ?
is it just a hard to detect back door ? if so what is the hardest to detect ?
thanks for any advise on how this is possible

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Yes. If you're targeted by someone using a zero day exploit the payload won't look like malware because it hasn't been reported before.

Hi thanks for the reply

if you can expand on that any further i would appreciate it, as its on a works pc that only i have access to so im being blamed for something i didn't do

so are you saying that this is common that my pc could have malware on there that is impossible to find, even by specialists ?

thanks in advance Gee

Zero-days aren't that common : And unless if you or your company are specifically target, it's really unlikely to happen. If you use your workstation at your company then it's even more unlikely.

Rather than a direct hack with Zero-days I would rather look for downloaded malware (that may include backdoor or else) at first.

Backdoors can be extremely horrid to find. Because they can just look like any running services on your computer.

If I was you I would reinstall the whole system.

hi Whichhat
thank you for your comment
the pc has been taken off line and will be formatted before re-use

what i need is to get proof that even though they have had specialists look at the pc and found nothing it is still possible for someone to have had control over the pc to prove to my company im not responsible for the skype conversation they found on there and the files on the hard drive

thanks for any advice

If security experts already look at your box and found nothing than I fear you have no easy way to proove what you say. Maybe you should look at the network logs and do a some forensic in order to find relevant network packets that show remote administration activities. Otherwise maybe you should try to trap the hacker :/

thanks for the good advice

what im trying to get my bosses to understand before they sack me is that it is possible for someone to have installed on my laptop a back door that the experts haven't found

just because they haven't found it is not proof that it isn't there

but i need them to be able to read it on the Internet some sort of article about difficult or impossible to detect back doors ?

or some suggestions of good ones that could have been used
if a back door is embedded in a system file and that file looks and works as it should how is it possible to find it ?
thanks again for any advice

I doubt that any respectable security expert would assert that your box is clean just because he didn't manage to find something. It's a mentality : you never know when a hacker would outsmart you : maybe he codes his own tools instead of using well-known stuffs making him much much harder to detect for scanner and AV.

That doesn't mean that a backdoor is really undetectable, impossible. Sorry but there isn't any simple solution.

thankyou for taking the time to respond to my questions you have been very helpful

i was reading on another forum the there are some good malware and backdoors to just buy on the darknet markets on

ive had a quick look but cant get there search engine to work, think i need more masking of my id to get it working so ill keep looking

once again thank for your help Gee

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