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Hello, I am about 18 and I want to go to the university. I am able to use Java, little bit C & C++ and Ruby. I want to go to the Masaryk's university in Brno. I want to choose cyber security. Do you think this gonna help me work for the companies like Eset ? Or I should do university primary about programming and than do the cyber security on this university. Please share what do you think.

And I am really sorry for my bad english. It is my third language. Hope you understand.

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2 Responses

First of all, your English is fine.

Secondly, a university degree always helps to secure work, but it will be your skillset that will determine if you get the job. Particularly in this field. Considering the large disparity between available jobs and potential employees with the skills to carry out said jobs, you can get into the field without a degree and through certifications instead.

Third, I would consider speaking to career advisor on which degree you should choose.

Good luck.


Ok, thanks for your opinion.

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