Forum Thread: Until WHT Hires a New Admin.

A few things.

Please stop complaining about how the 'community is dead'. There are a few things you can do if you really want to keep this place alive until they find a replacement:

  • Share news articles and hold interesting discussions, but make sure to properly cite sources and write your OWN summary.
  • Create your own tutorials. You don't have to teach everyone how to fire up netcat and crack into a russian satellite. Null byte is about security, so maybe talk about how you can change the default password of a router or ensure proper user account privileges.
  • Be SUPPORTIVE of newcomers and if they make a mistake, correct them nicely instead of berating them.
  • Comment on every post that you can contribute to. Even if you feel like you might be wrong, it doesn't hurt to try. (Unless we are discussing databases and you suggest using the drop command on everything.)

I'm working on some unique stuff due to requests. I'm not sure when it will be out as I have a lot of editing to do.

Here's a hint: hardware.

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As my mother would say: If won't help, don't disturb!
Great post. :)

Totally agreed with this post, the leaving of OTW is a harsh thing do deal with, but we have to move on, keep with the same level of work that he put on.

Nicely stated

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