Forum Thread: How to Upload a File on a Phone Without Permission?

hey i have already opened a thread and now I better read the link I got from ghosts (thanks ghosts ) .

I want to know how an apk file upload on a andriod phone without permission. something that you get a message on your phone and just click agree without knowing what you click. You know what I'm talking about can I make something .

or just a phone attacken with one or the other method

(sorry for my bad english)

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Well they made that those security feautures for a reason, you could bind the virus with another legit apk, and send it to the victim saying that its a new game or whatever, OR you could use beef-xss and send them to the demo page and when they are hooked quicly do the persistence script

so can i use a MITM attack so wich link's hy's trying it wil be automaticly send to the demo page. does it works like that ?

(sorry for my bad english)

If you're on the same network you could use MITMf to inject the java beef hook onto your target traffic without him noticing, or you could just redirect him

How can we bind our virus with another legit apk? About 10 nullbyters are asking this for weeks, maybe months. We couldn't find straightforward guide for that. We somehow need to run our android reversetcp payload as background service. But we don't know how to do it.

Please don't recommend AndroRAT. We'd like to understand the process.

I study SPF to understand process. However, it doesn't actually bind two apk. It just backdoor a legit apk with pre-prepared services. I need to learn how can we convert our ACTIVITY to a service. If you did this before, can you send me manifest and smali of your binded apk? So that I can understand the process.

how can all this be done? please elaborate.

i put the command in this PasteBin Make sure to change the ip's and the interface accordingly and make sure beef is running

is are a biginner guide for beef i never have worked whit that

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