Forum Thread: upload a file whit out permission?


doe's sombody knows how to upload a file on sombody's phone whit out permission.

ps. sorry for my bad english

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Very vague question gets a very vague response.



Maybe work on you grammar, and make a return. We do not recommend grammar mistakes in NullByte, but if you are comfortable with it, no problem.

is just post a ques and i get ann very strange answer so whats the problem ghosts_

Grammar is not an issue, considering it's their second language they're doing well.

But a vague question? You need to be much, much more specific. What kind of file? What is the end goal? Do you have physical access to the phone? What kind of phone is it?

Expand on your questions, it's what I tell everyone at Null Byte.


They're right, you know... if Ghost_ points you to the rules section, it means you wrote something, in contents or manner, that are not in line with this community. Please take your time to understand what are the rules and etiquette here.

Second, as I don't like to make a post that doesn't give an answer, I can tell you that:

On symbian it's easy, when bluetooth is on and the other person accepts a simple connection request on his phone (a bit of social engineering and you're good). But just a few use symbian these days, and they won't fall for it anymore.

On android, you have to find exploits like this, but your target must have that installed and running. There were also old browser exploit to force download a file, but they are old as hell. If you have physical access, you can try pushing via adb (there are also phone2phone adb programs) with a proper cable.

On IOs, well, dunno, I suppose same logic above applies. Find a vulnerable program to share files between ios and pc and exploit it (can't name any atm but I know there are some that are vulnerable), or try ye'old ssh trick (default credentials for ssh installed on ios root:alpine).

If path of file upload doesn't matter, you can in any case force download with a MiTM attack.

hey thanks a lot for more info on what I did wrong ghosts
trihat and thanks for the information and I will delve even in MITM

(the post I typed without google translator and I own three languages 1.dutch 2.arabic (I can not read it) 3.little bit of english

It's less that you did something wrong and more that we need a lot more information to be able to effectively help you. We all want to help each other here.


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