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By using a USB Rubber ducky and a 64GB USB drive in a USB hub I want to make a kind of automatic device for backing up documents. So when putting it in my laptop for example it should automatically backup my documents folder. However the 64GB USB drive appears in the "computer" section in windows finder and I want to prevent this from happening but I still haven't found a way to make it not appear in the computer section in a way that it is still possible to copy data to it.

The idea of this automatic backup device is that you can put it in a docking station for laptops and everytime a laptop connects to the docking station the usb hub should start copying all files.

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You could put a .bat file or .sh file on the drive that copies or moves files to designated locations.

Thanks for your response but I already knew that. My question is regaring the part of making the usb with that .bat or .sh on it not appear in the windows finder.

Hmm... Not sure. All I know is that you may be able to right click and then click Properties and then check Hidden...

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