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what's better when it comes to Kali ?

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you problem basically is that the data transfer is low?

kind of.

are you using the right arhitecture?|and a stable version of kali?

well when it comes to kali your hard will do a better job

so i can just go ahead format my D drive and install Kali on it and boot from it when i want Kali OS and boot C drive when i want win7, actually can you refer me to tutorial it will be great. thanks

There's no need for a tutorial: just install Kali as you normally would. GRUB2 will detect the Win7 partition and will adjust itself accordingly to be able to boot Win7 if everything goes as planned.

However, be cautious: If you don't get a pop up saying something like "Windows 7 has been detected on this computer", then abort the installation if possible.

And be also careful to not wipe your Win7 drive by accident!


I would like to add, that before installing GRUB you should select, use most free space availabe AND NOT: Use entire disk

(During installation of Kali)

What do you want to do? Have a mobile Kali? Or have a stationary Kali?

thanks for your answer ,
Basically I want to install Kali on my hard drive so i wont waste time plugging and unplugging the USB.

So i go on and click on whether graphical install or just install, and i notice something at the beginning that doesn't last long before disappearing ,, it goes something like failed to mount media , mount unmount dev/sda no arguments shitt like that,,

and if i continue with the installation, At some point it is detecting and mounting CD-ROM drives. As I have no CD-drive or any ROM-drive on my laptop,

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