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So I have a little situation, in the area that I live, there is a communal parking lot. And every month or so, somebody goes around breaking into vehicles and takes what ever they can. Last time was my bank card id insurance papers and my favorite usb! It was multiple partitions, persistant kali, redhat, Windows 7 and a kerpersky anti virus boot tool.

Now, hypothetically speaking, if I were wanting to leave a flash drive in my truc with an auto-backdoor and key logger. What would be my best options.

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Im sure the one that has taken the usb will sell it..
And im pretty sure it will be formatted..

Autorun is disabled in most pcs now.. so you have less chance..

Ive heard of the rubber ducky but haven't ever had the chance to play with one. I was thinking something along the lines of infecting a mp4 or pdf file and having something malisious install in the back when he goes to watch "girlfriend video.mp4"

What if he formats the usb man??
No use..

That's awesome!! Quick and simple!
Thanks Phoenix!

+1 For Phoenix solution, but I would add something that steals his browser cache / cookie to look for personal data like facebook, twitter, instagram account... something that can correlate him (or one of his buyers) to a real name. You could also dump his wireless password and get router mac, then match with some huge database like Wigle to get his approx home address, you can collect more evidence (say, he's selling stolen stuff online). Then hand everything to police or ... well, be creative, because he'll be totally owned by then.

Well, sometimes ' The end justifies the means'. Collecting evidence should indeed be made by professionals, but where budget is too low to go after small thieves or installing security cameras, a honest citizen has the right to defend his property. Besides, disrupting compuer data is illegal as well, so neither our solutions are legally viable. Iif someone steals your phone, and you follow him with 'find my droid' or similar, you are actually violanting his privacy as well, even if he stole it from you. Sometimes the right thing to do is not legal, but ethically speaking, you served a favour to a whole community.

I think the public service would be the best outcome from this. Being able to know exactly who has been breaking into cars would make all my neighbor's sleep a little easier at nights. The thief has hit up almost everyone in my complex at one point or another. And as far as the legallity of it goes. The thief would have to admit breaking into my truck in order to steal the flash drive if he wanted to report it which would just screw him over. No court would say "even though he broke into my vehicle, stole the flash drive, opened the malisious file from an unknown and untrusted source" that I would be found in the wrong/guilty. Although I'm not a lawyer...

Either way I'm off to buy a new flash drive afyer work tonight to hang on my rear view mirror just incase somebody gets currious...

Love where this post is going btw!

Just called the local authorities to get some info from the official side of things. I was told as long as I dont steal any info, and as long as he has to get into my personal space without permission to get access to the drive, then I am completely 100% legally not responsable for what he does with it since he had no right ro get it in the first place!

The officer said they just use the data to put into stats but won't investigate unless there is a major theft or something. For breaking in, stealing small cash and change and what ever else they can find just isn't worth the time and effort. When I explained what the flash drive did and how it worked, the officer just started laughing and staying to do it and there is nothing illigal about it.


Me too,

I'm actually very excited about this and can't wait to give it a test run b4 putting it in the tuck and leaving it for next time he tries to take what isn't his!!

Thanks again Phenix!

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