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I'm experimenting with BeEF. And I'm able to hook on a browser of a PC which is on the SAME network. But as soon as I try to do it with a PC on another network, I can't get it to hook on.

Mainly, because you need to hook the hook.js file. But BeEF only gives you a hook.js file for localhost (, and one for your internal-network ip ( for example).

If I make a quick index.html on e.g a server (e.g, and link my to it I can hook up browsers which are on the same network. But I cannot hook a browser if I visit the website from another network.

So basically:
How do you hook-up a browser on another network than you, with BeEF?

Thanks a lot!

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I remember i managed to do that once but i can't remember how, have you tried to forward the port 3000, and then use this to hook browsers: http://yourwanip:3000/hook.js

if you want to hide your ip by using a server, ill test it out and give you a response

Yeah, I indeed had to port-forward. It works now, but indeed it'd be good to hide my IP. How'd I do that?

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