Forum Thread: How to Use Disk Utility in OSX to Create a Partition?

As the title shows,i want to know how..

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Do u know how to use rEFInd to install Kali? i have tried for a night but blocked by last step...

Nope, but there's a thread on SourceForge about the "error:not found while loading legacy loader" message you were getting that might help you out. I'd suggest trying some of the tips out in that. Tips range from trying another USB drive to resetting NVRAM to making sure your firmware is okay to installing a driver, etc. Somebody else here might have some answers for you, though.

still failed...i can't find a great solution to this problem online....

Anyway,I have succeed in installing Kali in my MBP:)(all by myself),but the price is that I can't find any button to open OSX system on my Mac...

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