Forum Thread: How to Use Padbuster

at first im sorry to post this here cuz it isn't the right place for it
im a new member so plz forgive me
can anyone show me how to use Padbuster

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I don't know about Padbuster .. . But i think typing

> how to use Padbuster

in google is gonna give you alot of results.

I found a link that might help you otherwise u could try extending ur search.

trust me i did that and found couple of it but i could not understand it
thnaksssssssssss for you

Ok .. Sorry for dat

You could:

  1. Try extending your questions to other forums.
  2. Browse or figure de problem manually
  3. Wait for the next guy's post.

Hope u find ur answer ... <Peace-Out>


If nobody is answering it's because we don't know. It seems like you don't spend too much time on problem solving, took me nothing to digit"padbuster tutorial":

Learn how to search on the internet and the right keywords. Use an understandable english on forums, else people will judge you too soon.

Or, if the problem is that you can't understand how it works, make sure you first have enough knowledge to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Hope you can make your way trough this!

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