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How can I use proxy on my mobile Internet?

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So when I'm using Tmobile Internet and set proxy it won't change anything?

By following the directions above, you will route your mobile data through the proxy you set. This will not change anything else about your phone.


I mean... nevermind .
Can my ISP know that I am using proxy? Can I route it through Tor?

You can route it through the TOR network and use bridges to obfuscate the traffic. Otherwise the network provider knows that traffic is being routed through a proxy.

I'm guessing your ISP doesn't use deep packet inspection, so using bridges will make it seem like normal traffic and not TOR traffic.


And is it possible for ISP to see my traffic even when I am on Tor?

Read my previous response again. I said that your ISP won't know that you're using TOR if you add bridges, which obfuscate TOR traffic to make it seem like normal traffic. (PS: for bridges, I suggest using the scramblesuit ones)


Ok, sorry, I am little bit retarded.
Thanks for your help.

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