Forum Thread: How to Use a Rootkits on Windows Os???Since Persistence Being Detected by Av!

how to use a rootkits on windows os,by uploading it from a meterpreter session?or how are they used to get backdoor?or do they just hide processes?what are some good rootkits?i dont know much about it,just trying a backdoor that should connect back like persistence but the persistence script is being detected by Av!!!so is rootkit an alternate option?what would you suggest?

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One option is to create an undetected file with Shellter. Upload it to the computer, place it in an obscure folder. Edit the registry to start the file on startup. Now you should get an undetected Meterpreter session each time the computer turns on. It can take some time to figure out how to do it exactly but it's possible. I've done it as a test on my systems.

you mean after the victim is compromised?im lil confused.could you elaborate?

i created a backdoor with doesnt get detected,but when i try persistence and when machine reboots,av picks it there a way to permanently disable av? otherwise?or a persistence that doesnt get detected?

thanx for reply btw

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