Forum Thread: How to Use Usb Adapter Instead of Internl Wireless Adapter

i bought a usb wifi adapter, when i use ifconfig i do not see the usb adapter pop up only the internal wifi adapter of the laptop, how do i switch from internal to usb adapter, the usb adapter will the be called wlan1mon if i am correct when putting it into monitor mode. please help

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You need to install the driver for it, just search Google for it if a CD/USB drive didn't come with the adapter.

Yes i got the drivers, when i want to run wine to install it, it says location not found. Am i on the right track?

How do i run a setup.exe file in the terminal
As i want to install the setup for the drivers

E: Unable to locate package wine
E: Unable to locate package leafpad

These are the errors i am getting i want to install the wireless adaptor drivers with wine but cant seem get anything working

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