Forum Thread: How to Use WiFi Adapter on a Chrooted Kali Linux ?

As the title says, I want to use an external WiFi adapter on my android.

When I connect the adapter to my phone using OTG cable, and type lsusb, it is detected. but when I use iwconfig, it isn't listed there.

My queries are:-

  • is it that the adapter isn't getting enough power?
  • is it the problem with it's drivers on my chrooted kali ?
  • is it even possible ?
  • Can I use a USB hub with <=500mA output(max power for the adapter- according to lsusb) to connect the adapter + phone ?

I know my questions are noobish but I'm curious.

  • I'm having a TP-LINK TL WN722N adapter.
  • My phone is rooted.
  • I've installed Kali 2.0 using Linux Deploy on it.

If any more info is needed, I'll give.

Any help,suggestions,advices,etc. would be appreciated. :)

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4 Responses

Can't it be done without building a whole new kernel ? :/

Nope, especially for that adapter.

Trust me. I spent 2 months on that, just install ubuntu, install CM and fix all the errors. It's worth the effort and the only actually stable way.

I doubt there's another way, but if you want to keep looking, do so. In that post, I explained why there is no other way in my opinion. Never know, might be wrong

please tell what is the method i have a cyagenmod rom cm12

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