Forum Thread: Using My Own Wifi

Ok. I'm a noob at this. I was just wondering. Could I use my own wifi to capture passwords and do various other things to people that hook up to it?

If so what kind of things can I do? And don't yell at me for this I know it's not the type of question that is well received on these boards.

P.s. I've installed Kali, I bought a book on pen testing wifi with Kali, and I have raspberry pi3 on order to help learn programming. So I marrying here people.

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4 Responses

trying here people

I'm a noob too but you can try performing a Man In The Middle. I know you can intercept password by doing this but there are various possibilities , you can do with Ettercap , or by using a Terminal , I personally use the terminal to do this. All I was able to find was what website my victim visits though xD or maybe you can try with Metasploit (don't ask me on this one , I don't even know how to run an exploit xD)

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