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I would like to know is this is possible to use my GPU from my gaming computer for cracking WPA/passwords?

I have a little ESXi that doesn't support I/O passthrough, so there is no way I can plug a GPU on this one. Of course my VM kali linux is on this ESXi.

I have search for a long time and I didn't find a way for doing that but I was just wondering, since bot net can do that all over internet, why couldn't I in my network?

If that's possible, maybe I could use all the "ressources" available in my local network (laptop, ESXi, gaming computer) at the same time for cracking passwords/WPA?

Thanks for reading me, sorry for my English, it is not my native langage!

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You dont have kali on your gaming computer??
Use portable kali usb maybe if you dont wanna install??

yes, it is possible.

first, like suggested above, boot kali live via a CD or USB, and then use pyrit to use your GPU to crack it. you may need to install some drivers, though.

second, yes it is possible, but not easy. the easiest, but also the most inefficient way is to take, if you have 12 computers on your network, 12 USB's or CD's and burn kali on to them. then what you will do is take a wordlist, divide it into 12, and upload each part of it to, for example, an FTP server on your network. then download one part per machine from that FTP server, and start cracking. theoretically, this will speed up your cracking speed by 12 times the normal rate.

hope i helped.


Thanks for the answers but I would like to use the GPU remotely.

What I would like is just to turn on my gaming computer, and, remotely use my graphic card to crack passwords from my kali linux VM (which is in my ESXi).

But I don't think this is doable I guess.

I was just wondering, how botnet for example, could compute resources in one big cracking process (I don't know if that make sense! :D)

Thank you guys :)

yes, that is not possible for as far as i know.

bots in a botnet have a virus that works directly at the level of the OS (even the kernel if possible). this virus has many possibilities, one of them being able to use the computing power of the bot to crack passwords. you simply upload the hash you want to crack to all the botnets (via the C&C server), divide the wordlist between all bots, and start cracking.


Yea you have to install payload in your gaming pc.. maybe over wan... leave your pc on or if laptop on charging...
Go someplace far away... get a handshake... send command to pc... voila!!!..

But the best way would be to use kali on usb..

Check out the metasploit basics series if you want to do the payload thing.. ;);)

Ok, thank you so much guys

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