Forum Thread: Using a remote GPU to crack WPA/passwords


I would like to know is this is possible to use my GPU from my gaming computer for cracking WPA/passwords?

I have a little ESXi that doesn't support I/O passthrough, so there is no way I can plug a GPU on this one. Of course my VM kali linux is on this ESXi.

I have search for a long time and I didn't find a way for doing that but I was just wondering, since bot net can do that all over internet, why couldn't I in my network?

If that's possible, maybe I could use all the "ressources" available in my local network (laptop, ESXi, gaming computer) at the same time for cracking passwords/WPA?

Thanks for reading me, sorry for my English, it is not my native langage!

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3 Responses

You dont have kali on your gaming computer??
Use portable kali usb maybe if you dont wanna install??

Thanks for the answers but I would like to use the GPU remotely.

What I would like is just to turn on my gaming computer, and, remotely use my graphic card to crack passwords from my kali linux VM (which is in my ESXi).

But I don't think this is doable I guess.

I was just wondering, how botnet for example, could compute resources in one big cracking process (I don't know if that make sense! :D)

Thank you guys :)

Ok, thank you so much guys

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