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What is Utopia Ecosystem?

Utopia is a peer to peer ecosystem that enables you to stay secure when you being online at internet and chatting someone anonymously. This fact comes with a challenge that your communication and privacy will never disturb. Communication means it will never let you down for some technology inside Utopia clients, even you have no internet access. Privacy means Utopia care your privacy and it is a breakthrough that Utopia does not need even you name of the secret question for privacy reason. Utopia have many features inside in Utopia Client, like Crypton Mining, Idyll Browser, IM, uMail, Channels, Groups, etc.

Crypton is Utopia private cryptocurrency which allows us to deal securely on internet without getting interact with someone. Since Utopia concept is totally anonymous so the Crypton concept will be regarded as anonymous transactions. Earn while being online is a very unmatched service. But Utopia breakthrough it and we can claim our financial freedom with Utopia Mining and we can mine Crypton with just our Computer Ram without getting slow down our PC. So i would like to perform with my Windows tutorial. In this article, we will learn that how we can enable mining in Utopia client.

Here is step by step tutorial on windows mining.

Before you start be sure that you have installed utopia client and make Mining Bot to be activated on other system and servers.

Open Utopia Client and Click on tools > Mining Bots
Click 'Add new Mining Bot'
Type bot name like mybot1 and Create Bot
Now Start the Windows virtual machine and download bot file (Be sure you set up sufficient requirements)
Extract file after download and copy that folder and paste that here C:\Program Files
Open cmd and paste ( "C:\Program Files\Utopia\utopia_bot.exe" /k –token ) and start Mining bot
You can get your Token id from Utopia software at My mining bot
Enjoy Now

There are many ways to send and receive Crypton. We can create uCard which looks like a ATM or Prepaid card. Another thing is that we can transfer to public address and so on like we all done in other crypto transactions. We can make as many as crypton card (uCards).

All our transactions will be hide and totally anonymous. No one will interact in our dealing and privacy. Every thing will be accessible only to you so there is no chance of privacy being compromised.

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