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What is Utopia Ecosystem?

Utopia is a peer to peer ecosystem that enables you to stay secure when you being online at internet and chatting someone anonymously. This fact comes with a challenge that your communication and privacy will never disturb. Communication means it will never let you down for some technology inside Utopia clients, even you have no internet access. Privacy means Utopia care your privacy and it is a breakthrough that Utopia does not need even you name of the secret question for privacy reason. Utopia have many features inside in Utopia Client, like Crypton Mining, Idyll Browser, IM, uMail, Channels, Groups, etc.

Advantages of Utopia Ecosystem:

Since technology never been easy, but utopia has improved the world with its new innovation in blockchain. In my personal view, i would like to say it "Next Level Blockchain". Utopia is powered by 1984 group which is a great team because they spend countless hours on this great innovation in technology. In the final, they give us a perfect ecosystem with blockchain-based technology, Everything inside in a software.

Have you heard the word node? If no then i will make it easy for you !

A node is a work point or start/endpoint or a server which should become active in all conditions. So Utopia using High-Level encryption on every node. This will beneficial once we for us Because everything we have done on utopia will secure and totally anonymous. Nobody can interact in our privacy or nobody interface in our data until we allow someone to access it. So the nodes of Utopia always working and no chance of failure in it. Suppose if you are communicating and suddenly connection breaks down then you can continue your communications with a Utopia node if it available some near to you.

Such an advanced technology can not be seen anyway. So it's our right to claim that, Utopia is really a Decentralized Ecosystem. Nobody can interact in our chat history or lobby until centralized authorized it. As a report, people are continuously enhancing concerned about their privacy. The sensitivity of privacy can be assigned to the inability of authorities to clearly define where the fine-lines lay, customer's emptiness. However, do not be worry as not all hope is lost. Utopia is here to assist tackle all these issues and support peace and trust.

Earn While Being Online:

We are wasting time on messengers and social media so it is better to make some wealth instead of it. Yes! Utopia allow us to mine cryptons with just our PC without keeping it slow. This is really an unmatched system. We will discuss in details about mining topics.

As we know, Utopia is a Decentralized and Secure P2P Ecosystem. This line defines that it is very secure and the power of decentralization allows us to message securely. Where we can communicate securely we can also enjoy the secure and anonymous transaction. In this article, we will discuss benefits features over other messenger platforms. Before we start, just take an example! If we are doing something serious or anything that not allowed like crypto transactions are restricted in some countries and IP ban it throughout. Somehow, maybe your data given to agencies and law forces. But Utopia will never disclose your information even it will not ask you your name even.

Features of Utopia Ecosystem:

We can chat to friends and strangers without giving any personal data.
Everything and our data will be kept in a secure server.
There is not a single chance of failure.
If there is some failure then our data will not lost or compromised.
If one node stops working then our communication and mining will not stop anymore.
We can earn Crypton while being online.
Mining of Crypton will never slow our PC.
All our transaction data will safe and secured.
There are multiple ways of sending and receiving money with Crypton.
There is uMail which is an anonymous email feature.
Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser of Utopia Network.
There is no effect of Internet censorship boards on the Utopia Network.

So these are the utopia features and its use. We still can hide privacy. Utopia solved our problem.

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