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Hello, guys

I am trying to take a control of a victim PC and as a newbie hacker I have some limits you know :p

But anyways this is what I have done so far:

I have been doing my recon for long time now while doing a recon I managed to get the victims email, skype, viber, OS and IP

The problem I am having is victim IP is dynamic

If the victim has a static IP I could have used nmap to scan for open ports... But now I have no idea what to do from here.

what should I do from here I tried to mail the java exploit as a link but the victim never clicked the link.


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Assuming that "the victim" is within your test lab:

You are trying to say that you are using a Dynamic IP instead of a static one, so you can't hack on WAN?
I don't understand. If you have his IP, than that's it.

Or, does he has a Dynamic IP? Then stuff gets complicated, or maybe not. A payload just needs to know where to connect and the listener just wants to know the port to listen on, so I really can't understand your problem, but in long term the connection might brake up because of Dynamic IP. Try to differentiate better between you and your victim so that other people understand (maybe it's only me).

I agree with Ciuffy.

So the short of it? You SE'd and got a target IP but you loitered too long and the target dhcp expired and renewed on you to a new unknown IP?

>> ready, SET, g0..

@Anon So, I would use nmap to do what exactly?


The victim is having a dynamic IP and I want to take the control of his system, So I was thinking that if you could guide me what are the steps I should take.. Are there any topics in null byte I can go through.


Honestly, I can't really tell, as I don't know if there's something that can help you.

The only thing I can tell you is that the payload will connect back to you, but the listener's host connects back to the IP that first sent the request, so if the IP changes during the connection, it should theoretically interrupt (wait for confirm). I don't know if Metasploit keeps track of the changed IP, honestly. You should find out how long the delay is....

ooops sorry guys.... my bad..
as I am reading my own post I did not get it as well
posted it in hurry ;P

I meant that the IP address of the victim is dynamic and if the IP of victim was static then I could use nmap if I am right...

@cyberhitchhiker Sorry there kinda made a mistake there. @guijjar Yes you are right. My mistake guys.

Don't worry. We all make mistakes!

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