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Hey guys, not sure if anyone can help me here but since it is about hacking and security I figured I would give it  a shot. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that would remove viruses from a computer. Sadly my friends are not the brightest bunch and always seem to be getting them and turn to me to figure it out (they only turn to me because I love computers but don't know too much about them yet). Most of the time I can't do anything and thye have to pay to get them removed. I was thinking of a program that I could keep on a usb stick that would run when I plugged it into there computers, if it existed of course lol. Thanks for anyones time who reads the post and responds :)

P.S. Loving this site btw always fun articles to read!

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There are tons of tools out there but if I can remember correctly one of our Mods is going to do a tutorial on this using a live linux distro.

Oh ok that would be awesome! I will keep my eyes peeled for it, thanks!

Best bet, if your are a windows user then look for something called Bart PE and use it as your liveCD this way you are still in a windows environment.  After that look for Clamwin and read their tutorial about installing it on a USB drive or just search CNet for the portable clamwin msi file.  Make sure you update the AV definitions before using BartPE to boot the machine.  If you are lucky you might be able to find an old thumb drive that has the little switch on the side to disable writing to the device (hardware RO switch).  Be sure to have the thumb drive put in the PC before turning it on because Bart PE doesn't do PnP very well.  Thats it, once you boot you will get a command prompt and be able to cd to the thumb drive and run ClamWin from the USB stick.  Happy scanning!

Twist my arm why dont you. :D OK fine I'll write one up soon as I'm back from the pub.

I didn't say what mod, so your the one who put yourself on the spot lol, that reminds me I need to do my article (Picking the right Distro, and or Making the right Distro)

Yeah, I know, but I was the one who intially stepped fwd to do this. And I have posted it. Sorry about the buntu. Added #! as an aletrnative.

I still need to contribute something >.<

So busy with coding and school (mostly school), it just isn't feasable to get any writing done.

I concur. I'm having to spend my 12-3am slots just to get things done for wht.

Wanna take a vacation =-=

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good free anti-virus. Keep that installed and updated.

If the computer is in an emergency state, one of the viruses that prevents access to the internet for example. Boot into safe mode if you're using Windows and run Malware Bytes, always works a treat.

Ben above is dead on. Microsoft Sec Essentials + Malware Bytes is a solid (free) combo.

Sometimes, changing the extension of the file from .exe to .bat will allow you to run antivirus and get the bulk of the issue as well, but not always.

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