Forum Thread: VMWare for Mac? (For Free?)


Virtual box provides many problems for me including my MiTM attack which apparently stopped working all of a sudden. I think that if I switch to VMWare then my problem will be solved, but I cannot find a free version. Any ideas?

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There is not a free version of VMware for MAC that I am aware of. VMware offers VMware fusion but it is paid. I have used Parallels in the past on MAC and it works nice, it is paid but cheaper.

VMware costs dough. Other method available but not PC to post cause if I did would get a 'Torrent' of emails from admins? ;-P

I know it's not the same, but you could get Kali on a USB drive and boot from there. And add Persistence later, because otherwise all your work gets wiped everytime you live-boot Kali.

?? Never used a Mac before, but I know all of you are familiar with the FTP search engine torrentz. I wonder why haven't anyone mentioned it.

(Except CHH, but in a very passive/hidden manner)

I did some research (searched for "virtual machine mac" and looked at the first results) and Virtualbox is available for free for Mac (OS X).

There's also a program called Parallels that claims to be the best option for Mac (although it costs $$), but I'd give it a try if I were on a Mac and a torrent of ideas on how to get it without paying.

There's also the possiblity to make a dual-boot system on Mac's with rEFIt, if you feel more adventurous. Maybe the program Boot Camp for Mac could help in that process, if you use it for Linux instead of Windows.

Whatever you choose, good luck with it :)

<p style="font-family:impact; font-size:16px;color:skyblue;background-color:#FFFF66">That was a <strong><em>'Torrent'</em></strong> of good Ideas.</p>

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