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ok, so I finally purchased a vpn with and set it up on my kali linux. Eveything works great!!! By the way (student2014) give you 30% off for a quarterly vpn I paid $12.99 and the original price was $20.00 plus I have a month free of 200 + proxies....anyways back to my question how do I setup metasploit to work with my vpn and port forwarding??? any suggestions??

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You do not setup vpn or port forwarding on metasploit...Google will help you...

lol I understand that maybe my question made it sound like thats what i was asking.... what I am trying to ask is if i have my vpn setup will it interfere with metasploit and how do I port forward with a vpn that changes my public ip??

If you get a standard VPN provider and you attempt to forward your ports via your Internet router, you're leaving yourself completely exposed to "real" malicious attacks; especially if you forward common ports such as port 80, 443, etc...

So, if you're forwarding ports, you had better do it with a VPN that's setup for doing this. Most don't advertise this too well; so, you have to specifically ask for ports to be forwarded for you (these accounts are usually referred to as "dedicated" or "private" VPNs).

thanks for responding by the way

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