Forum Thread: Want to Become Modern Bounty Hunter?

Hello there my fellow hackers ! In this thread I want to introduce you with bounty programs. As you already know, in Wild West when the fugitive is on the run, there are bounties for his/her head. Nowadays it haven't changed a lot, there are still fugitives, there are still bounty hunters. But what about IT security? Can you earn some money if you find a bug somewhere? Of course you can.

You can become Bug Bounty Hunter ! All you need is to find bounty programs, to register there and start with exploring, and there are many bug bounty programs. Here is the one: Bugcrowd. Of course you don't have to use this one, there are too many and I can't link all of them. Instructions are simple:

  1. Register
  2. Find bug
  3. Report it ( in report you need to write all your steps, how did you find bug )
  4. Wait few days so they can approve bug
  5. Claim your prize
  6. And follow from step no.2 !

That is it.
Happy hunting !

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