Forum Thread: I Want to Learn Hacking Websites.

learn hacking website in windows xp the tools i need for it and how to use it i mostly need free tools more specific provide me site to download tools.

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As it's been said multiple times:
-Show interest
-Show your past experiences
-Using windows xp? That's ridiculous. Get Kali.

-There's no cookbook on hacking, but we've got some awesome how-tos here on Null Byte. Look for them, as you should have already done.

what are the types of internet programs you want to hack?

You're not wanting to learn how to become a hacker; what you're asking to become is a script kiddy. If you did even a simple search on Null Byte, you would have seen a plethora of guides.

I'm sorry, but I don't help script kiddies. If you really want to learn then start here.

Complete that entire series and then branch out into all the other guides Null Byte has to offer.


To begin to learn to hack websites, you need to download and install Kali. Nearly every tool you need is built into Kali. Take a look at this tutorial on Kali here and you download Kali at

As Ghost says, you will need to learn a little Linux to use most hacking tools effectively.

A hammer is useless if you can't swing it.

Yeah can smash fingers, toes, damage the work surface, make a lot of noise and get nothing done. Feeling metaphoric today. :-P

Best way to explain things actually!

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