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I am a beginner in hacking . I want some advices to begain correctly .
What i have to start first .; network or kali linux ,........?!..
Tools i will need .?
Which programming language i have to learn .?!.
What i do to be safe ?...
Thank you....

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Personal advice: Go slow, learn everything , have attitude, never stop learning

What you should start first? Well if u like to learn and memorize a lot network from basics to advanced would be good for you if you don't want to force then just learn linux but personally i wouldn't start linux first, i would learn about windows and when i say that i think windows registry, command prompt,setting up network parameters because windows is #1 worldwide used OS on today PCs.

Tools well doesn't really come to my mind what tool should you use and for what.
C# and python are great programming language for creating various tools.

To be safe you will need a lot of knowledge and please if u consider being a white hat hacker or even a black hat hacker do not start hacking immediately with serious stuff see for null byte guides for digital forensics it will help you a lot, but personally i would put that last.

PS:If you decided linux don't go kali linux u will be confused start from ubuntu or some other platform that's linux

Edit 1: Here's a good link to great guide about mastering hacking keep in mind this is not my guide but i like it and i think it should be good for you too.

Ok thanks for the help i will be sure to check it out and also i do know some batch scripting and some commands i say im inteemediant at it but thanks for the help and i really like kali linux do to the fact that is is used widly and is also provided with somw of the tools you need and also if you know somewhere to learn kali linux or the languages used i think those are like python b7t i was also wondeeing like if i wanted to learn linux terminal commands and things like that how would i learn them or like are they the same as python or is it different

Thanks for your advices ..

You are right i must learn how to do commands and modify registry in windows first . . And the artical you had attached is very useful.

Thanks for your time ?

Kali isn't required for hacking. Any Linux distro will do.

please explain ??
hacking tools was made for kali..!!

Well, many Kali users are considered script kiddies because most Kali users never even (try) to make their own tools. Also, Kali is buggy. I'd use Debian or Ubuntu, but most people on Null Byte use Kali.

If i am right and if i understood your question, you can learn linux on null byte too it's just important to explore and be interested in everything, and thingy about python and programming languages u can learn on youtube.

And there is big difference in python and linux terminal, or it may be slightly same if the program that you use is coded in python so the commands may be the same.

Sorry if i didn't answered your questions successfully, kinda tired today.

So do you think that i should start learning python

Yeah it's great for making tools and stuff and it's pretty simple

Learn Linux, Python, and maybe Javascript/HTML.

yea ..that man i can hacking with other linux distro like upuntu!!

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