Webmitm: Bind: Permission Denied?

I recently got the Dsniff package on my mac and tried using webmitm on the command line.

I was proceeded to enter the name of my country, city, business name, and other stuff of that sort. I hit control c hoping I could start over later.

Now any time I try typing in anything relating to webmitm it says

webmitm: bind: Permission denied

Any ideas?

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Well, #1: Re-install it if it's not a pain to do so...
#2: Image...?

Image via qkme.me

Is there any other way without reinstalling it? I'm just curious to see what exactly is wrong and if I can fix it.

Can you give a screenshot of your commands and when you pressed CTRL + C? Also, it seems like you don't have the rights ("permission denied") for binding (your ports?). I'll do some experimenting.

I can't get back to where I first see the portion where I enter my information because of there error.

I'll send you a screenshot of what this looks like now:

Note there is a different error after I put sudo before webmitm.

Could you run webmitm without sudo before?

I don't remember. I think I had to write sudo, but that's before any of my attacks anyways. I just remember it asking for my country, city, job, etc. And then me quitting.

It sounds like it didn't. Maybe the files got corrupt...? I've never worked with this tool before.

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