Forum Thread: Website Hacking Is a Crime ?

I want to know that website hacking is really a crime ?
Or it is depended on the website which I hacker or what I'm going to do with that website .

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It depends per country, but the general rule is:

Any (or an attempt to) unauthorized access to a computer system of any type in any possible way is considered illegal.

So yes, website hacking is illegal...


If you have the permission to test the security, it isn't a crime.

In any other case, even if you don't disclose the vulnerability, even if you do not change anything in the website, even if you had no bad intention, the owner of the website can complain against you and you will have prison time. So, yes, it is a crime.

Short answer, yes.

Unless the company of the website has placed a bounty on it, well there be no crime in that, until you decide to sell the accounts or credentials to the black market, that is when it will be a crime


I agree with Phoenix however some companies do allow attempts to see if they can find a vulnerability on their system. This is very rare to come across though.

I forgot to mention bounties...


If it's a local site, then chances are it is full of vulnerabilities and the owners won't even know someone got in.

A good deal of people hire someone to make a site for them.

But yeah, it's illegal.

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