Forum Thread: Weird Issue with My Alfa AWUS036NHA

Originally,I wanted to send this as a PM to @TRT but since I couldn't verify my email address,I've decided to post this to the forum instead,and who knows it might help someone in the future who has a similar problem?

Original PM message:

I need some help on the AWUS036NHA that I bought recently,it doesn't seem to work but it isn't broken either,could it be a faulty adapter?

The problem is that when plugging the adapter into a USB 2.0 port it doesn't work at all,the LED on the adapter would turn on for a second and then turn off and it repeats this cycle.After a while,the LED doesn't even light up like before however if I plugged it into a USB 3.0 port,it works but if I were to shared the USB to my virtualbox,it fails,the LED is off and it doesn't detect any wireless networks and also iwconfig doesn't detect the Alfa either.I tested with another adapter I have and it works perfectly without error,could this be a faulty Alfa that I got?

End message.
Anything else I should check before RMAing it? Because currently,I'm not sure what to do with the adapter.

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Are the USB ports you tried connected directly to the MOBO or aredid you try the front header ports? For me, only the USB 2.0 (And 3.0) works when they are directly connected to the MOBO.

Which OS are you using, the support for those csrds on windows get a little tricky for 8 and higher

@singularity The usb ports are directly to my motherboard,the usb ports are not dead and work perfectly fine.

@mozescermak The OS is Kali Linux also tested on backtrack,according to TRT's guide on wifi adapters,it should be plug-and-play.

Nevermind guys,my adapter is strangely working again.Thanks!

Haha, just the way things work sometimes! :)

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