Forum Thread: Weird Stuff Happens or I'm Getting Too Old

Hi there, this just happen today, and I hope I'm not on that age of starting to ear stuff in my head.

I was just killing some time on facebook, before come to work, I was playing a game when suddenly I started to ear on the speakers CB communications. Just for a second or so I eared the undistinguished CB signal, some interference and then, clearly I heard a men´s voice saying (in my mother language) "he is a sheppard, shepperd" and it ended.

I look around for some open page with any sort of stupid advertisements or videos playing in the background and nothing. I even look on the browser tabs for the reproducing sound icon and nothing either.

On my desk, the only thing that might provoke some sort of interference, was my mobile phone, a cordless phone standing in it's base and the speakers and woofer control (besides the usual: keyboard, mouse etc.).

So is it possible, somehow, for one of the devices promote some sort of signal interference and make it come out in the speakers? Or something on the motherboard, on the sound side?

Maybe I'm just old and paranoid.

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3 Responses

Just some interference! This happens with my speakers when I plug my headphone in it...

i think this happens when you spend time in front of the screen while your mind is busy or you just woke up ,, these things happening all the time ,, and you just said ( killing time on facebook ,, playing a game )

which is mean you were bored , close enough speakers , or headphones
confusing anyones brain ,

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