Forum Thread: What advice can you give me to properly secure my online bank account against dictionary attacks?

I'm afraid my online banking account is hacked one day by a dictionary attack or brute force.

I want to know if the banking systems are secure enough to protect bank accounts (online) against any attempt to brute force hacking?

What advice can you give me to properly secure my bank account online?
thank you

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OTW's ones. Although banks shouldn't save money on protection, you never know.

Frankly I do not understand what you say. Do you mean that online banking is not secure enough against dictionary attacks (Brute Force Attacks) ?

In principle the banking systems had to be very sophisticated to protect online banking accounts; Is not it ?

So what to do or how to properly protect my online bank account against any attack or attempt to brute force because I fear strong?

Thank you good epliquer me.

If you didn't notice it, "OTW's ones" is a link that actually brings to the post I mentioned (just saying, you probably did). What I was trying to say, in short, is that usually banks are secure because people trust them, however what goes trough the internet is never secure because of new vulnerabilities found in most famous services every day. Since banks make use of them too (just because of being online), it means that is a 0 day vulnerability is found in a popular service that a particular bank uses, that bank is officially unsafe, but engineers will sure provide to solve the problem by upgrading to safer versions asap.

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