Forum Thread: What Are the Essential First Commands to Launch Just Right After Installing KALI Linux ?


I've just installed Kali on a USB key and I would like to know what are the essential first commands to launch just right after installing KALI Linux on a USB key (for example, the commands for updating and other raw commands very important commands for a new installation of KALI) ???

Thank you.

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I want to take this opportunity to share with Null Byte this article by BlackMoreOps which I found quite interesting.

Of course you don't have to do all the 20 points in the article, but some of them might help you to get started (there are also some other links in the article to other useful commands, delete this if this is spam).

If this is your first time with Linux, check the Linux Basics series by OTW.

A great advice in my opinion, since you are using an USB, would be setting up persistence, if you care.


Actually, that article from BlackMoreOps is what I always use after installing or re-installing my kali on a device. The article basically covers the more important things to be done when installing Kali and I have to say its awesome.

# Sergeant


Greetings, BMO article is good but you prolly want to stay away from installing flash (STUN) unless you like that you can never hide your IP.

For those who keep their eyes open!

Actually THIS Null byte post is the first result when searching "kali first commands" for me.

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