Forum Thread: What Are File Extensions?

A very vague explanation of file extensions is that they are Systematic filters that make sure the computer understands what type of file it is compiling.

Now I understand that might seem like a bit of a mess of words but it is really simple.
Here is a quick illustration of it
NOTE: from now on I will be referring file extension as FE. not fe. FE.
FE such as html goes to system.
because it sees html and not txt(which is FE of text file) or any other file extensions for the matter,
it compiles it according to its signature.(FE).


*Reality Check: If you guys do not know what you are doing and try and hack someone without their permission you can get into really big trouble so make sure this is just an experiment. I hope to hear from you guys in the comment section below! Until next time!

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if you guys have anything to say just comment down below. thank you!

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