Forum Thread: What Are Some Good Budget Laptops for Pentestin

I've needed a decent laptop for a while, and figured that this would be a good place to ask. My budget isn't huge, probably up to $600 or $700. Any suggestions?

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Any laptop will do with atleast 2gb ram and dualcore processor though pentium works best.
Doesnt requires any external graphics card.

Look for sales.

I suggest at LEAST and this is even optional: 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard drive (HDD is fine), and i3 CPU. If you want a alternative, go for a Desktop. Desktops are AMAZING.

My main one is a HP Pavilion x360 (the 14 inch one), but I have two Celeron CPU Laptops lying around.

Also, check ebay or something like that (except they have shit on ebay when I was looking). Ultimately, you prolly want a live boot of Kali or whatever you want to use. If you read a bit, I have at least noticed, that Nivida (don't know how to spelt it), has a lot of issues. If you decide to install as your main system. I also suggest that you want at least two. From my experience one isn't just enough. I use one for school and the other for testing/haxxing depending what I'm in the mood for. Lastly, try to also get a Desktop, but one thing at a time. The reason is that, Linux I believe was created for Desktops not really laptops.

I know some places have electronic dumpsters. Maybe do a quick Google search and see if there's something like that around. Usually dumpster diving would bring you gold or check your local Public school, but don't know where you live though. lol. Before I got cash to buy my own hardware I basically came to good terms with the Computer Tech Teachers at my High School and I also went dumpster diving. It isn't pretty and undignified but hey, I wasn't stealing. lol. Hope this help. ;)


But what's the need of 4 gb ram. Except for the gnome desktop, its really irritating but 2gb ddr4 will do the same right?

Have ya seen some of the tools in Kali? Like for example, cewl takes up a lot of resources and also, I run Windows 10 as my main OS so that needs A LOT of RAM. The reason has to do with the fact that VMs exist and also school. I was also told that running Kali as your main OS is terrible idea. lololol.

What can I say? I prefer arch now. I'm using it inside a VM with kali as main operating system. And yeah, who is lololol. You say this many times.

It's basically lol's.

Oh sorry, I didn't realize that. You have been in a hacking community for many years right? Can you tell me what type of knowledge is more required for these works. Because I've been doing it for 1 year and I've barely managed to use nmap and other popular tools like metasploit etc. Please in detail....

Oh my lord... I don't know where to begin. My brain is scattered full of awesomeness. LOL.

There are a lot of good models under 300$, which are perfect for your requirements.

For 600-700$ you can get a very good laptop, which will be more than enough for your requirements.

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