Forum Thread: What Are Some Good Free Coding Programs for Windows?

I already know about brackets and notepad++ but i am wondering if there are any other ones for beginner coders?

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You mean IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)/Code Editors? I mean Brackets and Notepad++ are already good enough for a beginner that I assume is learning HTML. OFC, there is Atom Code Editor, which is newer and more modern.

Notepad++ or Visual studio community edition if you want a more featured .net, c++, visual basic IDE. Community edition doesn't allow commercial applications I believe

i think it allows open source projects, but i'm not sure.


what language do you want to learn?

Sublime text editor is also gud

I use Sublime text 3 with Soda-theme(DARK) to write Html.
DevC++,Vsual studio 20XX to write C++.
Now,I just focus on Linux basic stuff,like command,shell...
That's all i know.
Hope you have a nice day,MR.X,BeginnerHacks.

Geany is a great editor, and it's multiplataform.

One thing I like is that you can run your code pressing F5 if you've saved the file in the proper format. For example, if you save it as, and then press F5 in the program, it'll open up a python console and show you how it's working. It has colours for stuff, and it autocompletes html tags when writing html files, which I find very useful.

if you are going for C/C++, i definitely recommend CodeBlocks. it is multi platform and it works with GCC. it is open source and it allows many customizations.

you can get CodeBlocks here.


I agree with Mr.X on Sublime Text Editor. Idle is the standard and in my opinion best editor for Python.

I am into coding with HTML and Java, and I am thinking about using python and c++ so, what are my options then?

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