Forum Thread: What Are Some Useful Resources/Tutorials for Discovering Information Once You Have a Meterpreter Session Running on a Wi

I am looking for any information on how to find the admin password on a computer and after that ways i can go around the system and get other useful information i have a meterpreter session running on the windows machine but it is in a non admin privileged account. Also any helpful tutorials on how to use the meterpreter as I am new to this and only knowledge I have is what is provided when you type "help" however I am sure there is a lot more.

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The first thing you need to do is privilege escalation. What is your target? The getsystem command doesn't work on the newer OSes. Try backgrounding the session and run the bypassuac post module. I am posting this from my phone so I cannot provide links but just google metasploit bypassuac

Thank you PHOENIX750 and URBZ really helpful responses!

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