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Hello there Null-Byte.

As there is a very dramatic increase in cyber research and also in the hackers, I would love to provide you with a question that I have been pondering for quite a while.

What can I do with an IP?

I already have enough info about IP to know what it does and why its important... I just want to know if I have an IP (of a computer or anything) what can I use to analyze it and improve my self defense.

P.S I've already checked up Null-Byte to see if somebody has asked such question, but got nothing. An answer would be encouraged ASAP. Thanks and Peace...


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Not too much. You can do an nmap scan and find the open ports and try to find the operating system. You can also find the general location. Of course you can d/dos attack it but that doesn't really do anything amazing

Thank you for your response, And it means that I can only use Nmap? no other Software or daemon is created to analyze it?

P.s I would abstain from using my precious bandwidth to DoS some newbie who tried to make an outbound connection with my friend's laptop and his "Expired" anti-virus blocked it... Haha.


Not really that I know of. There's not much you can do with an IP. You can do a lookup I guess

Had done the look up already and the mate's from India...xD Anyways.. thank you for your assistance...


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