Forum Thread: What Can We Do with Other Phones' MAC Address?

When we're using airodump-ng, we can see nearby wifis' bssids. And we can also see mac addresses from devices which are connected to them. And now I'm curious about what can I do with these devices' mac? Can I attack them? Or can I remote control those devices? What else tricks can we do?

Just share your opinions or ideas here, the more discussions, the better.

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I don't think you can do much with MAC adrdesses.

I believe they're only used for identifying devices on lower network protocols;
Your router uses your PC's MAC address to assign you an IP, the IP is then used for network communication.

The IP address is what you need.

You could identify the manufacturer of the device, but that's about it really. This page from StackExchange details it very nicely.

Just to reiterate a part of what the accepted answer says:

"MAC addresses really don't make it to the outside world and thus cannot be used to connect back to you, locate you, or otherwise cause you any direct harm."


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