Forum Thread: What to Do After I'm Done with Linux Basic Tutorials?

I am thinking of starting Python when I am done with the Linux Basic Tutorials or is there something else I should do first. I am new to Null Byte so...

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Python is good, if you want to start doing hacking there are some good tutorials for basics of hacking, like the methodology.

Also there is an IRC channel where you can get help with what to do next if you want to join. It has most of the article authors in it. How to connect

Go to Occupy the Web's profile, there are a ton of lessons on pretty much everything you need to learn. He's got 'Hack like a pro' tuts, guides on Metasploit, scripting language, metasploit, etc, etc, etc. He's the one who runs the forum if you aren't aware. He provides a wealth of info; follow him

when you complete and read through all of OTW's Linux basic tutorials and have Linux successfully installed, I'd definitely learn to program. Do you already know how to write, understand and utilize BASH/Shell? That's the programming language you should learn first. With that, you'll be able to write scripts for your box, interface with your box via terminal and be well efficient with everyday tasks. Once you know that language first, then I'd say get busy with Python for SURE!!

At the same time of learning bash or Python, re-read through some of OTWs tutorials again, such as the introduction to airsnort package or suite, because you will use that a lot in almost all instances, unless you use another suite similar to its functions. But as first test, try cracking WPA2 wifi passwords, send death attaches, etc. practice through tutorials and then learn BASH and later Python.

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