Forum Thread: What to Do with Open Ports?

Hey its August. So I know about nmap witch I prefer to use over like a metasploit scanner, but I want to know what I can do with an open port? Obviously I can telnet into it but I would like some more knowledge of hacking an open port.

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Hacking an open port is only possible if the service which operates behind it is pervious. An open port does not indicate the presence of a vulnerability, but rather that of a software program running on a remote host and using a network protocol for network communications.

In order to do that, it must request the system to grant it access to incoming and outgoing connections through a specific port, whether it be its own designated port, or a generic one that is implemented by other software.

How you go about exploiting that port is a different side of the moon. Before anything else, you must find the service behind the port and its version. Then download that exact one locally and begin testing, finding vulnerabilities inside and exploiting them in a Virtual Machine (VM).

This is a strenuous but extremely fun and rewarding task to commit. Reverse engineering plays a key role in many cases and it doesn't happen overnight. If you decide to go down that alley, I wish you the best of luck.


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