Forum Thread: What Is Best Crypting Tpye

hey i was thinking of what is best crypting method that decrypt only when decrypter has key of it ( not like md5 and ez crypto types: D)

so any idea i personaly like enigma
tell me what kind of you like and why you think its good!

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You like enigma? What is enigma?

its one of the method for encryption (copied by machine that germans used in ww 2) still some ppl use scripts that write to encrpyt with enigma coding to encrypt their files with it.

here is link about it :

The enigma machine encryption of WWII is absolete. If anyone used it today, modern computers could break it in seconds.

well i said i like it and i didnt said its the best :D
plus its very strong if you be smart and always use randome key for it belive me it works ;)

It does not work. Don't disseminate false info here.

If you are using it, you data is not safe.

well i dont mate i didnt force any one to use it and i used personally before i say i like enigma and resones so all are just opinions you might say its bad but i tried and it answered to me so if 3rd guy come here and see some one say enigma is good or sha is good or what ever its all up to him so i quess i didnt giving fail info

its 158962555217826360000 possibleties ish
if its not enough for you you can modify it and make it even better ...


Don't try and reinvent the wheel.

"How cryptographically secure was the original WW2 Enigma machine, from a modern viewpoint?"
"Totally insecure."

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