Forum Thread: What Is Best Daily Habit to Be a Good Hacker That You Do or Trying to Do?

As we know hacking is not only sitting in front of computer and hacking or checking bugs of software, websites or any systems.

Hacking is Art of Life,
Hacking is a lifestyle.
So I want members of this null byte to share their valuable lifestyle to be a good hacker.
Thank you. :)

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8 Responses

Mine is contemplating and visiting new places, finding out how they do things and look for a way to blend in for more understanding.

opsec, habitually assess whether what you're doing could be used against or used to identify you. keeping your personal identity separate from your blackhat endeavors is a constant battle...but of course everyone here at null-byte is a white hat so maybe thats irrelevant ;)

learn every day.

Find new problems to solve and help others.

I sit around all day doing nothing but if for some reason I think of some functionality that fits the malware that I'm making, I'd then proceed to implement the code and then sit in front of the IDE for the rest of the day trying to fix the errors and bugs. If I happen to fail at implementing the code, I'd usually rage quit and give the middle finger to Microsoft's shitty API and/or documentation.

Top stuff.

You had me at "Microsoft's shitty API and/or documentation."

still raging at microsoft? :P

always : )

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