Forum Thread: What Is the Best Way to Use Kali Linux as a Beginner?

Persistent Live USB or Full Linux Install on USB? what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods .

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Persistent live USB lets you plug into a computer that can boot EFI and run Kali while saving all of your files and changes that you make on the USB.. I'm not 100% sure you can actually do a full install on your USB, but if I am wrong, then I don't know what the advantage would be

You can install it to a USB, but I wouldn't recommend nor encourage you to do that. I can't think of one reason it'd be better than Live USB with Persistence, and that if installing it doesn't fuck up your system/USB drive.

Check out my post if you're interested in Live USB with Persistence :)

Ah, thanks for the info on installing... Yeah, I don't see what good that could do you

which method can save my updates?

Both methods are the same really Full/Live persistent.. What's the difference? Both will save updates but the USB stick will run out of space at some point and it's slower then sheet.

I ain't broke my Kali in a long time but when I was new to it I broke it all the time. USB's,DVD's and full installs all got broke.

Worst thing happen to a USB is it getting stuck in read only mode and diskpart will fix that in 15 seconds.

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