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I have been interested in learning to hack for quite a while now but don't know where to start. I know how to work computers pretty well, but I don't know how to program, use Linux, etc. I just started learning Java for an ap computer science course, but that's about it. I've read a lot of things that say to learn python or Linux first, but since I am learning Java, I was leaning towards learning how to use Linux because I don't want to get confused between python and java. I've looked into what Linux distro I should use, and some people say to use Ubuntu first if your a beginner, but this site seems to advise starting with Kali if you want to hack. Should I be learning Linux, Python, or something else first and if I should be learning Linux first which distro should I start on? I also want to still be able to use windows for school so I think I want to do a dual boot. Thanks for the help.

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Learn basics of linux as you will be doing all of your hacking in linux. It is not mandatory to use kali, you can use whatever distro you want but just in case you dont know what tools to use for hacking, kali is the best. And you can carry on your java as well as python at the same time because more or less, all languages have the same syntax.

The basics you need to learn about hacking are

  1. Networking
  2. Linux skills
  3. Scripting skills
  4. Databases skills
  5. And the last forensics

These skills will differentiate you from other noobs cuz they jst want to use tools, THEY ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE TOOLS OTHER MAKE. you will not be recognized as a true hacker unless you know such stuff. You should learn about databases and languages like python, sql, html, php, ruby, perl etc. And many more languages. Java is basically used for making GUI's thats why many of us use it very less. On the other hand python comes with very powerful modules that are used in making powerdul and useful scripts.

Thats it, I hope it will help you further.

Thank you so much!
Do you have any recommendations for specific places to learn these skills such as any books, websites, or courses?

No, use whatever source you fit with. I'm preety good with null byte to learns basics.

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